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PRINTER REPAIR: HP LaserJet P3015 - Solving The Mystery Of The Manual Feeder's Roller Not Stopping

Vamsi Krishna : How to change manual button for printer
Ram Jha : Dear sir

I am facing issue with my printer p3015
Close rear door issue .... please help how to solve
fahad lamki : have same Printer My Problem "error code 13.20.00" jam in fuser arear Normally checked theres no paper , checked sensor fuser look is normal , any idea please can do here
Emma Watson : thank u very much sir.
Eduardo Gomiero : My proplem was in solenoid tray 2. But, my printer is P3005X, and i have a tray 3 that is very easy to open and change the solenoid. Thanks for share with us. (Portuguese) - Meu problema era na solenoide da bandeja 2. Percebi que é de bem dificil acesso, porem a bandeja 3, a solenoide é de fácil acesso. Porque a bandeja 3 tambem estava com problema na solenoide.

HP LaserJet P3010 P3015 Maintenance Kit CE525-67901 Replacement Instructions RM1-6274

Today we will be reviewing the removal and installation process for the HP LaserJet P3010 P3015 Maintenance kit CE525-67901 with fuser RM1-6274

P3010 P3015 P3015 Maintenance kit Contents
1 Fuser Assembly RM1-6274

1 RM1-6321 - Transfer Roller
1 RL1-2412 - Tray 1/MP Tray Pickup Roller
1 RC2-8575 - Tray 1/MP Tray Separation Pad
1 RM1-6313 - Tray 2/3 Pickup Roller
1 RM1-6303 - Tray 2/3 Separation Pad

Start by making sure the printer is off for at least 15 minutes and unplugged. Approach the printer from the front and open the tray door.

CE525-67901 Fits these models:
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015d
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015n
HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015x

Repair Notes
There are no Page count Reset instructions for this printer.
150,000 page yield
This fuser and kit is available at in an number of different options at metrofuser

Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include hp printer parts, printers and printer repair training. Parts include hp printer parts such as printer fusers, printer maintenance kits and other hp printer replacement parts. The company's, customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies five consecutive years. Visit us at https://www.metrofuser.com/
Seth Walker : This helped so much. Brought my clients beloved Laserjet back to life. Thanks!!
Jeffrey Chavey : Thanks!
K.A. R. : nice, but 4:00 just push it from right to left to get it out.
Ajin Anu : Good work

How to replace a fuser on an HP LaserJet P3015

Buy the maintenance kit here! https://amzn.to/2IOHD00

How to replace a fuser on an HP LaserJet P3015


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distortal : Followed this video, replaced my fuser in 20 minutes from unplugging to test printing. Thanks, Jay.
Gerry Finegan : Thank You. Greeting from Ireland.
Mackay : I have to do this for tomorrow,your vid was very helpful. Keep it going!. Greetings from Argentina.
Boodro Gaming : I followed your steps and my printer started making color prints.... thanks
Bee Lee : Great video. Just did this for my office printer and that was super helpful. You are a star!




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