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The NPG - Goldie's Parade

From the Goldnigga album. Please enjoy! I do not own this song; it belongs to Prince and/or all other musicians, The NPG, etc., who made the song.
Jay Skywalker : This shit

Exodus 1995

version 2 re-upload- changed image during Cherry Cherry

Long live the New Power!
Have mercy
Generation after generation, the soul will never die
(The exodus has begun)
Long live the New Power!
Have mercy
We don't cry, we don't die, we just multiply... "

NPG Operator Intro
0:35 Get Wild
DJ Gets Jumped
6:10 New Power Soul
DJ Seduces Sonny
11:42 Count The Days
15:07 The Good Life
20:55 Cherry, Cherry
26:00 Return Of The Bump Squad
Mashed Potato Girl Intro
36:42 Big Fun
New Power Day
48:16 Hallucination Rain
NPG Bum Rush The Ship
55:43 The Exodus Has Begun
T R : 1. Get Wild 0:35
2. New Power Soul 6:10
3. Count The Days 11:42
4. The Good Life 15:07
5. 20:55
6. The Return Of The Bump Squad 26:00
7. Big Fun 36:42
8. Hallucination Rain 48:16
9. The Exodus Has Begun 55:43
coquijean : still here 10/2020...counting the days (15:15) HIS HANDS
John Murphy : I adore this album!!!
RoofinRealityU : Brilliance. Pure, FUNKY, unadulterated Brilliance.
April Reign : Long live PRN #legacy!

However Much U Want ft Mayte & NPG

"How strong is your faith if you don't take time to renew it?"
H S : MAYTE !!!
EL Lane : Remember This One..
Shakira Charriez : I love this song with Prince and Mayte. They were my favorite couple. I wish the marriage could have lasted. They were soul mates when they were together.
Kita P : Came for Prince not the nonsense!! Message in the music relaxes the soul who did what ain't my business blessings ✌
muluemebet kebede : I will miss him, he is the one the only one. I feel bad for Mayte..☔️




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